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Learning During COVID

As a small school, Mason Prep can provide families with the flexibility they need as students head back to school. We are offering parents the option of on-campus or online learning. On-campus learning includes mask requirements and distancing to keep our community safe. Online learners will join their classes via streaming video to make sure they feel connected to our school. 

On-Campus Learning

Online Learning

On-campus students attend all of their traditional classes (both academic and special area classes such as art and PE). Modifications to the school day have been made to keep our campus safe. These modifications include:
  • masks are required
  • students are with their class/cohort group as much as possible 
  • movement in the hallways is planned to limit interactions between groups
  • lunch is eaten in the classroom rather than the lunchroom
  • enhanced cleaning protocols are in place and a dedicated staff member cleans throughout the day
  • classrooms are equipped with hand sanitizer and wipes
Online learners will learn in real time from their teachers with their class. This gives them the same hands-on, active educational experience as their classmates and keeps online learners connected to our school community. Online learners:
  • connect via the online platform to all of the same live classes they would be attending if they were on campus
  • participate actively in all subjects
  • have the same teachers they would have if they were on campus
  • are visible and audible to their classmates and their teachers
  • may participate in recorded classes with the teacher’s approval when it is not practical to attend live classes
  • are expected to adhere to the same expectations in place for students on campus

The Benefits of Our Programs

Staying Safe and Having Fun

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  • Known Teachers

    Online learners are taught by Mason Prep teachers - teachers they have seen and spoken to in the halls. Students feel comfortable learning from these teachers during class and contacting them outside of class if they have questions or need help.
  • Connected to Classmates

    With streaming classes, online learners are a part of the class, learning the same curriculum right along with their peers. This means they stay more connected with their classmates and can talk about school, study for tests, and help each other with lessons outside of class.
  • Proven Curriculum

    Both online and on-campus students will be learning the same, proven curriculum. Graduates of Mason Prep have always been exceptionally well-prepared for life after Mason Prep, and this will not change. All of our students, no matter how they choose to learn, will receive a stellar education.
  • Convenient 4-Week Commitments

    When you choose on-campus or online learning, you are committing to that option for 4 weeks, not a quarter or semester. This means more flexibility for your student to learn in a way that is most comfortable for your family at any point in the year.
  • Flexibility

    Being a small, independent school means that Mason Prep is flexible and able to change and adapt quickly. We can make decisions and execute plans based on what is best for our Mason Prep community as the COVID situation evolves.
  • Easy Transitions

    Since our on-campus and online curriculums are the same, transitioning between the two is easy for students. Should an online student decide that on-campus learning may be more beneficial, he or she can join the class in person. Should a student need to quarantine, he or she can move to online learning and then back to on-campus learning without missing a beat.
  • Consistency

    Learning in the same way each day gives our students consistency, which is so important for K-8 students. The routine of the school day (whether on-campus or online) helps students stay focused.
    • Mrs. Hall's song to help keep us safe!


We would love to hear from you and answer your questions! Please contact Lawrie Stamatiades, our Director of Enrollment at (843) 805-6015 or admissions@masonprep.org.

Mason Preparatory School accepts qualified students and follows a policy of non-discrimination as to race, sex, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin. Mason Prep seeks a student population diverse in various ways.
Mason Preparatory School is committed to the education of the whole child in preparation for secondary education through the cultivation of respect, integrity, and personal responsibility within a nurturing environment that results in a productive citizen of a global community.