IPads And tablets

At Mason Prep we’ve been integrating technology into our classrooms for years. We are once again at the forefront with our 1:1 iPad and tablet program. Planned for expansion school-wide, the program is currently for grades 3-8. Every student in these grades has an iPad (grades 3 through 6) or Microsoft Windows tablet (grades 7 and 8) that travels with him/her to each class, and students in grades 5 through 8 are also able to use their devices at home. Through this program, parents will not have to buy a device for their children. The iPad/tablet program is being funded by generous gifts from our families, staff members, and friends of the school to the Mason Prep Annual Fund. We genuinely appreciate their support.

How do our students benefit by using the iPads and tablets?

  • The availability of thousands of educational apps allows more interactivity across the curriculum and allows students with differing learning styles to engage with educational content in different ways.
  • As more and more textbooks become available in electronic form, the mobile devices should also be able to supplement and eventually take the place of traditional textbooks. Their compact size and portability should be able to drastically reduce our students’ backpack load.
  • Mobile devices will play a critical role as we continue to emphasize collaboration, critical thinking, and other 21st century skills.
  • We will be able to reduce our dependence on printing on paper; students will eventually be able to use dropboxes to electronically submit work to their teachers.


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