Alumna Celia Campbell Lends a Hand to Help Kids and Animals

Celia Campbell has been volunteering at the Charleston Animal Society (CAS) for the past four years. She helps take care of the animals, has learned about many facets of the non-profit organization, and serves as a lead counselor for the Society’s summer camps. She is a valued asset for the CAS administrators and a hit with the campers!

Celia credits Mason Prep with supporting the lessons about service she learned at home and opening the doors to different service opportunities. “These people [Mason Prep teachers] were my family and they always talked about being kind to others. It’s in our alma mater, it’s in our pledge. You have to give back and be helpful.”

Celia says these service opportunities also exposed her to different things and allowed her to discover new interests. She explains that her science teacher, Ms. Renkas, stoked her passion for animals and biology. Exploring this passion was one of the reasons she chose to volunteer at the Charleston Animal Society.

“They [Mason Prep teachers] were always encouraging me to try new things and to do what you love. That was probably the most important thing – they helped me figure out what I loved and they said, ‘Hey, go for it if you want to do it!’”

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