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6th Grader Helps Coach the "Big Dogs"

Grayson Rowley and her dad, Aaron, have been coaching the Charleston Special Olympics Big Dogs basketball team since Grayson could walk. The Big Dogs have competed in local tournaments and tournaments in the upstate of South Carolina. They have even traveled out west for the Summer Special Olympics. Grayson said of spending time with the team, “It’s fun to see them have fun – not only at practice, but also when we go out to dinner and do other things.” The team, many of whom face physical problems and problems in their personal lives, come together on Saturdays at the Citadel to practice. Says Grayson’s mom, “They are a rowdy and happy bunch of fellas. I think Saturday practices are a bright spot in their lives and I know Grayson feels a great sense of pride and joy being a part of that. Grayson acts as a water girl, cheerleader, whistle blower and encourager. She offers high fives, smiles, and a helping hand. It has been so rewarding and fun watching her develop a love, appreciation and compassion for each athlete over the years. It is something that will stay with her forever.”

4th Grade Develops a Love for Ballet

Graceyn Skipper has been dancing since she was two. Now nine, she has grown into a talented ballerina. Recently, she danced in The Nutcracker, a performance which her friends in second grade were able to attend. Says Graceyn, “It was really fun. I was a snow girl, a party girl, and one of the ‘bon-bons’ that comes out from under Mother Ginger’s skirt.” When asked why she enjoys dancing, Graceyn said, “It’s very graceful and I get  to be onstage, which is so much fun. I’m looking forward to being in more shows  this spring.” And we look forward to watching them! 

8th Graders Send Treats to Service Members

Susanna Snider and Jessica Klump were looking for ways to help our community and found Operation Gratitude. Operation Gratitude sends care packages to service members and first responders. Items for the care packages are donated by individuals and groups here at home. Each care package includes a handful of candy, which Operation Gratitude receives from donors through its Halloween Candy Give-Back Program. Susanna and Jessica collected candy from Mason Prep families to support this delicious cause. Their effort resulted in approximately 75 pounds of candy for our troops and first responders!

Sixth Grader Finds His Passion in Sailing

Felix Hagar attended a summer sailing camp and found out he has a passion for sailing. Now he is a member of the James Island Yacht Club Junior Sailing Team and he sails a boat called an Open Bic. Said Felix, "There are races pretty much all year, and we travel to some of them. It's fun to be on a team because I get to meet kids from other schools." Felix has two remaining regattas for this year:  Midlands Regatta in Columbia and the Open Bic Midwinter Championship in Charleston. Felix started racing when he was around nine years old. His favorite part about sailing? "It's fun just being on the water. I want to keep sailing forever."

Sixth Grader Goes to Beautiful Lengths to Help Cancer Patients

At the end of this past summer, sixth grader Blynn Roumillat donated her hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. The program partners with the American and Canadian Cancer Societies to provide free, real-hair wigs to women living with cancer. Said Blynn, “We have family friends that we lost to breast cancer. I thought it would be nice for someone with cancer to have a real-hair wig.” She went to get her hair cut the week before school started. “The stylist divided my hair into two ponytails.” said Blynn. “Once the first one was cut, there was no going back! Only a few of my friends saw my haircut before school started, so the people in my class were pretty surprised on the first day of school,” she adds. “I really like my short hair, and I’m happy to have been able to help someone with cancer."


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