Knights KNOW! Week, February 5 - 9

We are excited about this year's Knights KNOW Week, which will be held February 5-9. Here, you can find out:
•  What Knights KNOW is all about. Download the Knights KNOW! flyer here. 
•  The activities that will happen each day, including days where students are invited to wear special things.
•  How to enter the Knights KNOW art contest.
•  How to volunteer to help with this amazing week.
Download the schedule for the whole week here. 
Please read on so you will be “in the know” about Knights KNOW!

Knights KNOW, held each year, is a week where the entire school focuses on our Knights KNOW values and how we can uphold those values in our daily lives. The theme this year is One World, Many Stories. Through classroom guidance, I have been talking to students about how we all have our own personal stories - our own successes and challenges – that have shaped who we are today and will continue to shape who we will become.

What does Knights KNOW stand for? What are the Knights KNOW values?
Knights KNOW
Kind (Knights know how to be kind)
Nurturing (Knights know how to be nurturing, by caring for other people)
Optimistic (Knights know how to be optimistic, by thinking positively about the world around them)
Wise (Knights know how to make wise decisions)

What messages are we trying to communicate to our students?
Questions we will help students answer during the week include:
•  How to do we persevere and maintain resilience while maintaining our core values of Knights KNOW? How do we show Kindness when we might be surrounded by people or situations that are unkind?
•  How do we continue to Nurture and take care of each other and our community when we witness people who don't show those values?
•  How do we maintain Optimism and positivity when we see others portray negativity and treat people poorly?
•  How do we make Wise decisions when we are faced with pressure to make unwise decisions?

What are some of the activities in which students will participate?
5th – 8th Grades
Rather than have a speaker come in and talk to our 5th-8th graders as we have in the past, we will have a panel discussion on the stage in the gym. The panel, which will include two current students, two former students, a parent, and a teacher, will have an opportunity to discuss their own personal stories (successes and challenges). Our goal is to create a true dialogue between the panel and the audience that will encourage the students in the audience to reflect on themselves and how they can continue to strive to uphold Knights KNOW values.

3rd & 4th Grades
We will have group activities as well as a small group discussion where students will be invited to share stories of their successes and challenges. We will use these stories to talk about how students can use the Knights KNOW values to guide their actions.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade
Grades K-2 will enjoy lessons that are activity-based and that give them an introduction to the Knights KNOW values and an understanding of why they are important.

All Grades
We will create a One World, Many Stories mural, a culminating and visible piece of work that will be a reminder of our stories and how we uphold the Knights KNOW values.

What is the schedule for the week?
Monday: Get Up, Dress Up! Dress Up for Your Knights! (dress for success)
Tuesday: Dress like someone you admire (a teacher, parent, doctor, etc.)
Wednesday: Sock and Shade Out Negativity (wear sunglasses and funky socks)
Thursday: Thinking Cap Thursday (wear a hat)
Friday: Help One80Place with a $1 donation to dress down for the day
Download the full schedule here.

Knights KNOW art contest – Enter by February 9!
• Students are invited to submit works of art that convey the message of this year's theme: One World, Many Stories. (i.e., What is YOUR story? How do YOU show Knights KNOW values?). For example, a student can draw a picture using images of Rosie the Riveter to show how she (the student) is strong and can overcome obstacles. Or, it can be completely abstract with just colors and shapes. As long as the student feels (and can explain) what that piece of art means to them, and how it is their story, that is totally fine. No rules to art!
• Students can submit art in any medium such as drawings, paintings, sculpture, photographs, short stories, poems – even Legos!
• All students who submit a work of art will be entered in a daily raffle with great prizes!
• There will also be prizes awarded to students in each grade and a school-wide grand prize winner.
Art Submissions Deadline: Wednesday, February 14

How can parents help?
We would love to have parent help! We have lots of opportunities – visit our signup page to learn more. 

Questions? Get in touch with us!
Jamie Tuttle
Jackie Laro

We are looking forward to a great week!

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