Knights KNOW! Week, January 14-18

We are excited about this year's Knights KNOW Week, which will be held January 14-18. Here, you can find out:
•  What Knights KNOW is all about. Download the Knights KNOW! flyer here
•  Activities: things happen each day, including days where students are invited to wear special things (see below for a list). Download the activities schedule for the week here.
•  Art Contest: see below for instructions on how to enter

Knights KNOW, held each year, is a week where the entire school focuses on our Knights KNOW values and how we can uphold those values in our daily lives. The theme this year is Mason Prep Makes a Difference. Through classroom guidance, I have been talking to students about how we can make positive differences in our lives and the lives of others on a daily basis.

Knights KNOW
Kind (Knights know how to be kind)
Nurturing (Knights know how to be nurturing, by caring for other people)
Optimistic (Knights know how to be optimistic, by thinking positively about the world around them)
Wise (Knights know how to make wise decisions)

All Grades

- Monday: Knights KNOW kick off assembly with introduction by Miss Stone followed by talk by Dr. Peter Bynum of Mount Pleasant Presbyterian Church on kindness and citizenship.
- Tuesday: Miss Stone will share about mindfulness on the KNITV morning show.
- Thursday: Mason Prep parent, Cathy Lipp, will talk about making good choices around health and nutrition on the KNITV morning show.
- Friday: We will close out the week by hearing from Jackson Silverman, who founded I Heart Hungry Kids in 2013 at age 7. Jackson will share his story about creating an organization to help fight childhood hunger and the impact his dreams had on his community.

7th & 8th Grades
Grades 7 and 8 will participate in a special Advisory activity where they will hear about Frank Abagnale’s story and make the connection to our Knights KNOW qualities.

Kindergarten – 6th Grade
Grades K-2 will enjoy lessons that are activity-based and that give them an introduction to the Knights KNOW values and an understanding of why they are important.

All Grades
We will create a Kindness Rock Garden, inspired by Megan Murphy’s “The Kindness Rock Project.”

Monday: Mason Prep Makes a Difference

Wear your favorite Mason Prep gear to show support for our school.

Tuesday: Mindful Thinking Tuesday
Wear your favorite hat to show how you can be mindful and make good choices for you and those around you.

Wednesday: Put Your Best Foot Forward
Wear wild and crazy socks to show you are ready to put your best foot forward at home, school and in your community.

Thursday: Black Out Against Bad Choices
Dress in all black to show you know how to make good choices that are safe for your mind, body and heart.

Friday: Make a Difference in Our Community
Help I Heart Hungry Kids with a $1 donation to dress down for the day.

ART CONTEST - Enter by Thursday, January 10
Students are invited to submit works of art that convey the message of this year's theme: Mason Prep Makes A Difference. (i.e., How can YOU make a difference? How do YOU show Knights KNOW values?). Any art mediums can be used. As long as the student feels (and can explain) what that piece of art means to them, and how it is their story, that is totally fine. No rules to art!

There will also be prizes awarded to students in each grade and a school-wide grand prize winner. Art Submissions Deadline: Thursday, January 10

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