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Read about important topics for students and families on our Head's Blog, written by Mason Prep's Head of School, Erik Kreutner.

The Importance of Field Trips

School trips provide countless opportunities for student growth. Read about how field trips at Mason Prep help students explore and build connections with our community, with other parts of our country, and with each other.


Appreciating Our Teachers
It is important to appreciate those who can tap students' gifts, understand their interests, foster their hopes and inspire their dreams - our teachers. Find out the simple and meaningful way you can thank these very special people.

The Importance of Social and Emotional Learning
It is increasingly important to remember that academics do not exist in a vacuum and that learning is a very complex process. In recent years, a great deal of research has shown the benefits of social and emotional learning on students' performance in school.

How to Make the Most of Your Open House Visit
An Open House visit is a time to find out more about a school and get a feel for what a day there would be like for your child. Don't miss the opportunity to find out as much as you can during your visit - see our list of questions to ask while you are there.

Jessica Lahey Follow-Up 
Jessica Lahey gave a presentation at the 2016 Bringing School Together Conference entitled, "Raising Resilient, Intellectually Brave Kids." Here we share some of the highlights of her talk.

Parenting Articles by Jessica Lahey
Jessica Lahey is also a regular contributor to publications including The New York Times. Here we share links to several of her articles which focus on giving children the autonomy necessary for development into responsible and successful adults. 


The Gift of Failure 
In her book, The Gift of Failure: Why Parents Need to Learn to Let Go So Their Children Can Succeed, Jessica Lahey writes about how parents, in their desire to protect their children, have deprived them of the chance to learn from their mistakes. Read about how parents and teachers can work together to raise confident and capable learners.   


Confidence Building: Speaking to Adults 
Speaking for oneself shows character and citizenship. Read on for tips on how to encourage your child to speak confidently to adults. 


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