5 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

When kindergarten is just around the corner, all parents wonder if their child will be ready. Most moms and dads are naturally concerned with academic readiness; however, a child’s success in school depends on many different factors. Consider these tips for helping your student thrive in the ever-important first year.

Group Activities
The more opportunities your child has to be around peers, the better. If your student has been in a structured preschool setting, they may have already developed some positive relationships and learned how to relate to other children. If not, consider play groups, youth sports programs, or other group activities that provide the chance to share, take turns, collaborate, and problem solve.





Arts & Crafts

Today’s young children spend significantly more time with screens than former generations. As a result, fine motor skills can be compromised. One great way to foster these skills is through arts and crafts. Get back to the basics with coloring, drawing, painting, play dough, cutting, and other hands-on projects. These skills not only promote nimbleness, they foster creativity.

Chores & Special Tasks
Giving your child specific jobs will help them learn to follow multi-step directions and give them the added self confidence of contributing to something that is beneficial to the entire family. Kindergarten-age students can develop a great deal of independence by taking on specific roles and having the responsibility to see a task through to completion. Parents can bolster confidence by offering plenty of praise for a job well done.

Daily Reading
The value of reading with your child in preparation for kindergarten cannot be overstated. Explore books throughout the day. While before bed may be the standard storytime, it is not always a prime time for learning. As you explore various titles, teach your child about authors and illustrators. Discuss the different parts of a book. Run your finger over words to demonstrate reading pages left to right and top to bottom. These are foundational pre-reading skills.

Outdoor Play
Daily outdoor play helps build stamina for longer days and fosters gross motor skills. Running, jumping, balancing, or kicking and throwing a ball might not seem like learning opportunities, but they are all building muscle, as well as the coordination that is essential in kindergarten. As often as possible, let your child ride bikes, hit the playground, or simply run free in the backyard. Many studies show that unstructured outdoor play is critical to child development.




Choosing the Best Kindergarten Program for Your Child
Download our e-book, A Day in the Life of a Kindergartener, to get more information on readiness skills and to further evaluate the program at Mason Preparatory School.

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