Mason Prep Foundation

Mission Statement
The Mason Prep School Foundation supports Mason Prep School through strategic fundraising that provides scholarships and financial assistance to Mason Prep students, promotes the development of the Mason Prep faculty, and enhances and improves Mason Prep’s facilities and its educational programs.

Foundation Information
The Mason Preparatory School Foundation, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) entity.  The Foundation solicits and accepts donations for the benefit of Mason Prep School. Monies raised by the Foundation are given to Mason Prep School, and the School determines how those monies are spent. All gifts given to the Foundation are tax deductible.

The Foundation Board of Directors works closely with the Mason Prep Board of Trustees to ensure that the Foundation’s goals and initiatives, to be implemented by the Foundation, are properly aligned with the longer-term strategic goals of the Mason Prep Board of Trustees. Two members of the Mason Prep Board of Trustees (the vice chair and a representative of the Finance Committee) sit on the Foundation Board.

If you have given to Mason Prep in the past, your gift works exactly the same way it always has. The money simply flows through the Foundation to the School.

Why form a Foundation?
: The Foundation Board of Directors will focus on raising money for Mason Prep School. This allows the Mason Prep Board of Trustees to focus fully on the governance of the School.
Growth: The formation of the Foundation signals a focus on growth of the fundraising efforts of Mason Prep School. The Foundation will allow for a broadening of fundraising efforts to include community donors, corporations and other Foundations.
Strength: Having a Foundation as a formal fundraising arm sends a strong message to prospective donors that a gift to Mason Prep School is a solid investment in the future of our community.

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