Why Teaching the Individual Student Matters

Teaching the Individual Student at Independent Schools

Mason Prep’s smaller size as an independent school means that we truly know each of our students. We notice when students may be struggling with part of a lesson, when they are ahead of their classmates and ready for a challenge, and when they need a little encouragement to dive into a new activity. During these important K-8 years, students are learning about themselves and developing the confidence they will need for high school and beyond. Watch and read below for stories of how teachers, staff, and families work together to help each Mason Prep student reach his or her potential.

Building Confidence

One of our first graders was a hesitant reader due to a lack of confidence in his reading ability. Extra support during and after school sharpened his skills and built his confidence. Now, he helps his friends with reading!


Working with Different Learning Styles

Students’ ability to grasp material can vary from class to class and lesson to lesson. Our teachers keep a close eye on which students understand the material and which students need more time with the lesson. When a student demonstrates that he or she has grasped the concept being taught, our teachers recognize that and provide more challenging material. Students who may be struggling with the lesson receive extra practice. All students are given the attention and tools they need to reach their potential.


Partnering with Parents

When parents and teachers work together, the student benefits. One of our students was having trouble with reading comprehension. His parents and teacher developed strategies to help him both in school and at home. The result has been a much-improved reader and a more confident student.

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