About Us

Welcome to Mason Prep

Welcome to Mason Prep School

an independent, non-profit, co-ed school for students in grades Pre-K-8. We partner with families across the Charleston, SC, area to provide their children with excellent academics, exciting activities, and a close-knit community in which to learn and grow.
A visit to our school will show you what sets Mason Prep apart. You will see happy, engaged students learning from exceptional teachers who have a passion for their profession and a love for their students. You will see a right-sized environment - small enough that children are known and loved as individuals, but large enough that they are exposed to a variety of educational opportunities that may not be available in a smaller school. Mason Prep’s emphasis on respect, integrity, and personal responsibility creates a unique atmosphere that permeates everything that we do.
Mason Preparatory School is committed to the education of the whole child in preparation for secondary education through the cultivation of respect, integrity, and personal responsibility within a nurturing environment that results in a productive citizen of a global community.