Welcome to Mason Prep School — an independent, non-profit, co-ed school for students in grades K-8. We partner with families across the Charleston, SC, area to provide their children with excellent academics, exciting activities, and a close-knit community in which to learn and grow. 

Our lower school (K-4) is a place where students build strong foundations across the core subject areas that set the stage for all future learning. In intermediate school (grades 5-6), students develop as critical thinkers, strong collaborators, and good citizens. When they move on to middle school (grades 7-8), they are ready to embrace their unique passions, explore leadership roles, and take on more challenging academics in preparation for high school and college. We are a K-8 school by design and see incredible benefits from this model.

The mason prep story

Our school was founded by Nancy D. Hawk, who envisioned a school that would understand and serve the needs of each individual student and maintain the highest standards of education. To help in this endeavor, she tapped Miss Harriett Mason as Headmistress and named the school “Miss Mason’s School.” Later, Miss Mason’s merged with College Prep to form Mason Preparatory School, for grades 1-8. Most recently, Mason Prep added two kindergarten classes to become the K-8 school we know today.

Setting its sights to the future, Mason Prep continues to provide students with a firm academic foundation while also teaching 21st century skills. Today, our students learn and grow in an engaging, nurturing environment that promotes kindness, respect, and responsibility.



“A visit to our school will show you what sets Mason Prep apart. You will see happy, engaged students learning from exceptional teachers who have a passion for their profession and a love for their students. You will see a right-sized environment - small enough that children are known and loved as individuals, but large enough that they are exposed to a variety of educational opportunities that may not be available in a smaller school. Mason Prep’s emphasis on respect, integrity, and personal responsibility creates a unique atmosphere that permeates everything that we do.” – Erik Kreutner, Head of School



If Mason Prep School sounds like the right learning environment for your child, we invite you to schedule a tour. Visiting campus allows you to explore our facilities, meet with faculty, and discover why families love calling our school home.


Mason Preparatory School
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