Intermediate School 5-6

Intermediate school is an exciting time for students as they begin exploring their individuality and growing more independent.
At Mason Prep, our teachers provide students with room to discover and grow in a safe and caring environment. 

For the first time, students begin to rotate between classes, enjoying new learning experiences that foster creative and critical thinking. Our small class sizes allow for a high level of individualized attention and support as students work through a rigorous curriculum. This ensures each child can reach his or her intellectual potential.

When students complete our intermediate school program, they have built a solid academic foundation, honed their organizational and study skills, and developed a zeal for learning to carry them through the upper grades and beyond.

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  • Core Subject Areas

    • Mathematics
    • Language Arts (Mason Prep students take 2 language arts classes each day) 
      • Reading
      • GVC (grammar, vocabulary, and composition)
    • Social Studies
    • Science
    • Global Language
  • Special Areas

    • Physical Education
    • Fine Arts
    • Technology & Media
    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Innovation & Design
  • Clubs & Activities

    • Competitive Athletics
    • Student Government
    • KNI-TV
    • After-school Activities

Educating the Whole Child

While we emphasize strong skills in language, math, and other core subject areas, we recognize that education is about so much more. Our mission to educate the whole child includes the development of vital life skills and values, including:

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  • Collaboration

    Students have numerous opportunities to work together, solve problems, and experience the benefits of unique perspectives and learning styles. Our teachers model collaboration by working together to plan meaningful learning across the curriculum. This cooperative approach among the faculty not only promotes authentic academic learning but also serves as a model for the benefits of collaboration.
  • Citizenship

    Citizenship is a cornerstone of the mission of Mason Prep. In addition to each homeroom electing two Mason Prep City Council representatives, our 6th grade students are given the privilege of serving the school in positions of leadership. Two officers on our City Council, elected in a school-wide ballot, have genuine input into the direction of health, safety, and the environment at our school.
  • Character

    Kindness, gratitude, service, and leadership are the traits that will change our world. As students get older, they begin to understand how culture is shaped by individuals with strong character. These traits are developed intentionally in intermediate school and rewarded through “Knight of the Day” nominations.
  • Community

    From our Castle System — where each student has a “home” within our school — to our service out in the community, students discover the importance of their contributions to society. Through Service Learning Projects, students have battled plastic pollution, made enrichment toys for the dogs and cats at a local animal shelter, and participated in the Water Missions’ Walk for Water.

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Mason Preparatory School is committed to the education of the whole child in preparation for secondary education through the cultivation of respect, integrity, and personal responsibility within a nurturing environment that results in a productive citizen of a global community.