Student Life

Student Support

Strong Relationships between Faculty and Students

Mason Prep‘s unique learning environment is characterized by strong relationships between faculty and students that are founded in mutual respect and trust. We believe that the more our faculty knows about our students, the more effective our interactions and approach to learning can be. Mason Prep recognizes the strengths and challenges of our students and strives to provide appropriate resources to help each student achieve personal success.

Students in every grade can receive support in numerous ways based on their needs. Teachers are available for extra help sessions and scheduled appointment times should a student need help in a certain subject area or on a specific assignment. Our School Psychologist is always available to speak with students who may be facing a personal challenge or simply having a bad day. Additional support is available from our two Learning Specialists based on documented academic need as is more individualized support from our counselors to address mental health concerns. 

Academic Support

Mason Prep’s mission is to educate the whole student. To this end, we work as a team to discover how individual students learn best. The teachers, Learning Specialists, School Psychologist, and administrators work together to develop an academic plan for the individual student. The Learning Specialists provide intervention through remediation and enrichment. A variety of modalities are used to support students, including in-class support with differentiated instruction, individualized instruction away from class, and testing accommodations. During small group and one-on-one sessions, the Learning Specialists focus on teaching reading, writing, and math skills using a multisensory approach. Students also receive instruction to enhance executive functioning and study skills. To learn more about our Learning Specialists and program, please contact Kathleen Thomas or Rollins Babb, Learning Specialists.


A signature part of a Mason Prep education is building character. To support this effort, our counseling department offers a variety of services including teaching character-building lessons during dedicated classroom time, directing small group problem-solving lessons, providing individual counseling sessions, and simply being a visible presence throughout our school. As educators, we recognize that our students are constantly growing and developing, and that along the way they will face challenges. We aim to support our families as we all work together to guide students through these formative years. To learn more about our counseling team and program, please contact Dr. Jessica Anderson, School Psychologist / Dean of Students.
Mason Preparatory School is committed to the education of the whole child in preparation for secondary education through the cultivation of respect, integrity, and personal responsibility within a nurturing environment that results in a productive citizen of a global community.