A Private Kindergarten Inspiring Early Excitement about Learning

Looking for a Kindergarten?

Is my child ready to start kindergarten?
What should I look for in a kindergarten program?
What does a day in the life of a kindergartener look like? 
As the parent of a soon-to-be kindergartener, you’ve likely asked yourself these questions. Kindergarten is a big transition (for you and your child!), and you want to set them up for success. You’re looking for a program that is going to make your child excited to learn, not just for now, but for years to come.

At Mason Prep, we understand that each child is unique in how they learn best — are they a visual, auditory, or tactile learner? Maybe a combination? Kindergarteners come to Mason Prep in Charleston, SC from different preschool backgrounds and different developmental stages. Our dedicated teachers meet children where they are and encourage growth.
A favorite phrase in kindergarten is “not yet.”
At Mason Prep, we don’t say, “I can’t do addition.”
We say, “I can’t do addition yet.”
We work together to turn “not yet” into “I can.” 
Here, you will find joyful learning in a safe environment where students are known by name and feel cared for by their teachers. Stimulating classrooms encourage students to explore with confidence as they gain newfound independence and strengthen skills. We care for the whole child, so that each student can receive their best start to school.

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  • A Strong Academic Foundation

    Our experienced educators design engaging lessons that are grounded in play-based learning and reinforce a positive attitude about school. Learning centers feature art projects, math journaling, floor games, and reading activities to help students reach a deeper understanding of the curriculum at their own pace. 

    At the kindergarten level, core skills are developed in: 
    • Math 
    • Science
    • French and Spanish
    • Language Arts 
    • Handwriting 
    • Creative Writing
    • Phonetic Skills
    • Spelling
    • Reading Readiness 
  • Enriched Learning

    Kindergarteners join weekly specials that are designed to connect positive learning experiences with their individual academic, physical, and social-emotional growth. 

    These classes include: 
    • Spanish
    • Innovation & Design
    • Music
    • Art
    • Social-Emotional Learning
    • Science
    • Physical Education
    • Media Center

    Kindergarten students also look forward to monthly field trips. Two favorites include visiting the North Charleston Fire Museum during fire safety month and visiting Edisto Island Serpentarium to see snakes and other reptiles that they learn about in Science class.
  • Active Classrooms for Active Learners

    Dedicated teachers offer individualized instruction to meet each child’s learning needs. Classes are never larger than 18 students with two teachers per class. Parents are encouraged to engage in open communication with teachers and to work together as a team to the benefit of each child. 
  • Engaged Citizenship

    Our holistic approach extends beyond the classroom. Starting as early as kindergarten, students have the opportunity to develop character through age-appropriate leadership and service opportunities that prepare them to be good citizens. Lessons on kindness and respect are integrated into each day.
  • Important Connections

    We believe kindergarteners should feel a part of the larger school, and not isolated. Mason Prep kindergarten students get to vote for student government leaders and have representatives from both kindergarten classrooms on City Council. They can also be nominated for Knight of the Day. In addition, kindergarteners are paired with 7th grade pen pals. The students write letters and send pictures back and forth and meet several times a year.
  • After-School and Extended Day Programs

    Students who need after-school supervision can enroll in our Extended Day Program (3:05-5:45 p.m.) during which students tackle homework, play games, and enjoy time on the playground. Kindergarten students can also choose to take classes like karate, dance, soccer, robotics, and crafting through our After-School program.

Meet a Teacher

Name: Heather Kaiser
Class: The Caterpillars
"I just love teaching Kindergarten! It is a magical year where so much growth and learning take place. In our classroom, we create a nurturing and supportive environment where students feel loved, safe, and cared for each day. We focus on positivity and fostering partnerships with both our caterpillars and their parents."
“I believe that children learn best in an atmosphere of love, security, and acceptance. They must feel good about themselves in order to put forth their best effort and be on their best behavior. They are more successful when their mistakes are used as opportunities to learn. When children are allowed to make choices, they experience an increase in self-esteem and a sense of responsibility and empowerment. When they feel a sense of community in the classroom, they are more likely to make choices that contribute positively to their school family.”
- Rett Fitts, kindergarten teacher

Learn More: Video & E-Book

Watch our Video, "A Day in the Life of a Kindergartener."

Download our e-book to learn more and find helpful ways to prepare your child for school. Your e-book will also include an overview of a typical day in one of our kindergarten classes so you’ll get a good picture of what’s available at Mason Prep for your child.

Mason Preparatory School is committed to the education of the whole child in preparation for secondary education through the cultivation of respect, integrity, and personal responsibility within a nurturing environment that results in a productive citizen of a global community.