Community Service

Community Service is a very important part of life at Mason Prep, and our students, faculty, staff and families are involved in various service projects. Our City Council sponsors many projects that our entire school supports, and students participate in the Jump Rope for Heart initiative through their physical education classes. In addition, our eighth grade students complete twenty hours of community service as a part of their education in becoming contributing members of their society. 


Mason Prep incorporates Service Learning Projects into the curriculum of each grade level to help our students understand that service is more than bringing in a can of food or a dollar for a certain cause. Teachers weave the work and lessons learned from these projects through several areas of study over the course of the year. This allows students to explore the issues and challenges around their project, as well as the impact of their efforts, more fully than is typical with more traditional community service initiatives.

Battling Plastic Pollution

Photos: Educating our community about plastic straw pollution via: neighborhood door hangers, sign at a local restaurant, poster at Starbucks.

For a recent year's project, 6th grade students chose battling plastic polution. Students researched different types of plastic pollution (i.e., plastic straws, bags, etc.), then developed and implemented a plan to improve the situation surrounding their chosen topic. The results were impressive.

  • Area restaurants are displaying student-created posters and flyers about problems caused by plastic straws.
  • Eleven local marinas are distributing and posting flyers about the dangers of abandoned crab traps.
  • The Charleston County Park and Recreation Commission is displaying student-created posters about the dangers of cigarette littering at 13 area boat landings (see top image). 
    See a video created by the 6th graders here. 

Supporting Shelter Animals


For the past several years, first graders have chosen to support Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary, located in Hollywood, South Carolina. Throughout the school year, students:

  • visited Hallie Hill on two Saturdays to read to the cats and dogs. Our students were able to interact with these adorable animals and practice their reading, and their new furry friends benefited from the socialization.
  • held a read-a-thon to raise money for Hallie Hill. With parents and friends pledging money for each minute of reading, our first graders read a phenomenal total of 6,651 minutes, raising $1,541!
  • made toys designed to ease boredom and support socialization for the dogs and cats at Hallie Hill.
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