Student Life

Character Education

Positive Traits Modeled, Reinforced, and Rewarded

Mason Prep students are steeped in a culture where positive character traits are modeled, reinforced, and rewarded. Although externally-oriented traits, such as shaking hands and thanking others, are important at Mason Prep, the development of our students’ inner character matters the most at our school. For example, learning to say “Thank you” is important, but teaching our students about the true meaning of gratitude will have a longer-lasting impact.

Social Emotional Learning

Mason Prep has a cohesive, school-wide Social Emotional Learning (SEL) program whose curriculum flows from year to year, building on the lessons learned in the previous grade. By the eighth grade, students have been taught the social and emotional skills they will need for success in the classroom and for life.

We use two proven SEL programs to teach real-world lessons.

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  • Social Thinking, Grades K-2

    The Social Thinking Methodology “provides evidence-based strategies to help students develop their social competencies, flexible thinking, and social problem solving and improve conversation and social connection, executive functioning, friendship and relationship development, perspective taking, and self-regulation.” (

    Important to the Mason Prep program are the lessons around
    communication and connection. We all know that conversations – from small talk to discussions – can be difficult. Social Thinking “teaches social learners the why and how of developing meaningful connection with others through face-to-face conversations.” (

    What does this look like put into practice in the classroom? Students in grades K-2 learn:
    • How to listen. We teach students that they cannot be successful unless they listen to the teacher and understand what they are being asked to do.
    • How to keep their body “in the group” - maintaining a comfortable physical presence around others and physically showing interest in the group.
    • How to recognize when they are becoming frustrated and use tools they learn in class to alleviate feelings of frustration.
    • How to determine when they should say what they are thinking and what thoughts to keep to themselves.
  • The Social Institute, Grades 3-8

    Mason Prep partners with a program called The Social Institute (TSI). TSI is a national leader in curriculum designed to equip students to navigate the complex intersection of well-being, social media, and technology. Its comprehensive program reinforces strengths like character, empathy, and teamwork and inspires students to make positive, healthy, and high-character choices.
    The program also places importance on involving parents and provides resources for families so that lessons learned at school can be discussed at home.

    Students in grades 3-8 learn about:
    • the balance between online and in-person communication,
    limiting the distractions of devices so that they can be focused and attentive participants,
    • how to communicate their thoughts, needs, and opinions in a responsible way, and
    • how to respect the opinions of others.

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  • Knight of the Day

    Each day, we recognize a student for doing something that exhibits one of the MPS values: respect, integrity, personal responsibility, and being a productive citizen. 
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  • Service Learning Projects

    Every grade at Mason Prep completes a Service Learning Project over the school year.
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  • Pen Pals

    One of the most special programs at Mason Prep is our pen pal program.
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  • Castles

    Each student at Mason Prep belongs to one of four castles - Halsey, Hawk, Mason, or Starr.
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  • Community Service

    Community Service is a very important part of life at Mason Prep, involving our students, faculty, staff and families.
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Mason Prep’s curriculum leaves our students exceptionally well-prepared to move on to high school, but our thoughtful and intentional character education program is at least equally important in helping our school to create the difference makers of tomorrow.
Mason Preparatory School is committed to the education of the whole child in preparation for secondary education through the cultivation of respect, integrity, and personal responsibility within a nurturing environment that results in a productive citizen of a global community.