The Mason Prep faculty, staff, and coaches strive to develop the whole child, and our athletic program plays a significant part in this effort. Our program is designed to teach basic fundamental skills and then build on those skills at appropriate age levels. Fundamental skills and strategies in several sports can be mastered in the nine years at Mason Prep, and athletes who continue through the middle school years can make an easy transition to high school sports.

Mason Prep athletes also learn the meaning of hard work, integrity, responsibility, commitment, and sportsmanship - critically important traits for each athlete to take to the next level of sport and into adulthood.

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Team Sports

Mason Prep’s teams typically involve grades 4 - 8. We play against Lowcountry public and private schools, giving our children an opportunity to make new friends through sport.

  • Volleyball (girls) – In the fall of 2017, Mason Prep fielded four volleyball teams for girls in Grades 5-8. The volleyball season runs from September to mid-October, with games played through the City of Charleston Recreational Volleyball League.
  • Golf (co-ed, grades 5-8) - Mason Prep competes in fall and spring golf leagues, with students competing at several local courses.
  • Basketball (girls and boys) – The basketball program runs from mid-October through early February. During the 2017-18 season, Mason Prep fielded six teams for boys and girls in fourth through eighth grade in the St. Joseph Athletic Association's league (fourth grade) and the Trident Basketball Association (fifth through eighth grades).
  • Tennis (girls and boys, grades 4-8) - Tennis season takes place in the spring with competition organized through the Charleston Tennis Center.
  • Softball (girls, grades 6-8) - Softball is played in the spring through the City of Charleston Recreation Department.

Developmental Sports

Before students enter a competitive arena, developmental teams are offered in basketball in grades K - 3. These teams participate in intramural sessions with volunteer parent coaches. Rather than a win/loss record, each individual's performing to the best of his or her ability and development of fundamental skills are the Mason Prep measures of success.

For Mason Prep Athletes
Team sports information and forms may be found here (scroll down to Team Sports).




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