Mason Prep's technology curriculum develops skills across multiple platforms, with an emphasis on those tools used for researching, organizing and presenting ideas.

Our Resources

  • Each student has computer class at least once per week.
  • 1:1 iPad/tablet program (currently for grades 3-8) provides each student with his/her own device for use throughout the day in all classes. Students in grades 3 through 5 are provided with school-owned iPads, and 6th through 8th grade students use school-owned tablets running Windows 10. Additional class sets of iPads are available for teachers in grades K through 2 to check out for use by their students.
  • Computer lab contains twenty-five wireless notebook computers.
  • Classrooms are equipped with sound systems and televisions or projectors to enhance instruction and meet the needs of various learning styles. Nearly every classroom has an interactive white board or interactive television, and all classes have access to digital cameras.



Instructional Focus

Grades K-2

  • Develop familiarity with computers and mobile devices
  • Use computers and mobile devices to supplement math and reading skill development

Grades 3-6

  • Develop proper keyboarding skills (3rd and 4th grades attend an extra computer class per week for keyboarding)
  • Use technology resources for research purposes
  • Use technology tools for individual and collaborative writing, presentation, and publishing activities
  • Explore proper and safe internet usage
  • Explore coding through a variety of platforms

Grades 7-8

  • Develop an understanding of hardware, software, and coding concepts
  • Continue to develop technology research skills
  • Use productivity and multimedia tools and peripheral equipment for personal work and group collaborations across the curriculum

Library Media Center

The library media program supports and enriches the teaching and learning process, provides intellectual and physical access to all avenues and formats of information, and promotes within the Mason Prep community and beyond the joy of lifelong reading and inquiry.

For kindergarten through fifth grades, each homeroom visits the Media Center once per week to learn media literacy skills. The upper school students, faculty, and others enjoy open scheduling beginning at 7:30 a.m. to come to the library media center for individual checkouts, Accelerated Reader program quizzes and research.

The media center houses a collection of over 8,000 books as well as a variety of databases, DVDs, periodicals, and non-printed resources. Students and faculty can access the library catalog from anywhere in the school for research. Other activities such as the in-school television program (KNI-TV), chess club, authors' visits, and the Accelerated Reader Program are sponsored by the media center.

Mission Statement

In concert with Mason Preparatory School's commitment to the education of the whole child, the library media program supports and enriches the teaching and learning process; provides intellectual and physical access to all avenues and formats of information; and promotes the joy of lifelong reading and inquiry necessary for our students to lead successful, meaningful lives in the 21st century.


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