Why Mason Prep?

Our families welcome the opportunity to have their children in a school that is safe and nurturing, with a challenging curriculum. As an independent school, we are able to make decisions for our school based on what is best for our students and what is true to our mission (learn more about the advantages of independent schools here). Our graduates leave Mason Prep prepared incredibly well for any high school they choose.

See what our students have to say about why they love Mason Prep!

"Mason Prep has proven to be the perfect school for our daughter. Beyond the excellent academics, the school strives to help develop well rounded, good citizens in a nurturing environment. The teachers and staff are amazing, truly dedicated to the students. We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience at Mason Prep, and highly recommend it to anyone that values a great education and character building experience."  
- Laura and Brad Brisson, Mason Prep Parents

"There are so many reasons why we love Mason Prep. You walk in the front door and the warmth is palpable. Our kids come home happy in the afternoon and eager to tell us about their day. The teachers are amazing and easily accessible. Most importantly, our kids are not only excelling academically, they are learning to become conscientious citizens. Our kids are simply thriving at this school. We couldn't be happier!"
- Cameron and Edward Oswald, Mason Prep Parents

"We are very pleased with our decision to send our son to Mason Prep. The teachers and administration are very warm, caring and concerned about every child. We are very happy with the classroom and school communications, the academics and the school's overall community. The children are not only receiving a great education they are also teaching them how to be good citizens."
- Julie and Michael Scarafile, Mason Prep Parents





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