Class Overviews 2019-20

At the beginning of each school year, our teachers provide parents with their Course Overviews/Welcome Letters. These documents provide information about the teacher, the class, the course content, class policies and procedures, and expectations for the students. below are links to PDF files containing a packet of these documents for each grade level.

We ask that you download, print if you choose to do so, and review the documents that are applicable to your child(ren). For grade levels with multiple sections of a given course, there will be some overviews/welcome letters that do not apply to your child. Students in grades 4 – 8 should be able to help parents to know which classes and teachers they have.

Course Overview Packets

Please review the overviews that teachers have provided for all of your children’s classes and then print, sign, and return the bottom of the Class Syllabi Sign & Return Letter to indicate that you have done so. 

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