Faculty Spotlights

Our Mason Prep faculty is special. They not only teach and prepare our students, but also listen to them, support them, and inspire them.

Laura Thompson, Art
Says Mrs. Thompson, "Teaching is what I was meant to do."

Lawrie Stamatiades, 1st Grade 
"I love teaching first grade and witnessing students grasp a concept like reading for the first time."

Hal Huser, 6th, 7th and 8th Grade History and Geography

Mr. Huser likes to teach "the kind of class you wouldn't mind sitting in."

Caitlin Quattrone, 3rd Grade
Ms. Quattrone says she has wanted to be a teacher for as long as she can remember!

Meredith Barth, Kindergarten Science and K-4 PE
Mrs. Barth says, "Teachers are more than just educators. They are mentors and friends."

Meghan James, 7th & 8th Grade Math

Mrs. James loves teaching middle school students.

Susan Baker, 4th Grade
In her 29th year of teaching, Mrs. Baker tells us what inspires her to teach.

Ashton Hooker, 5th and 6th Grade Language Arts
Ms. Hooker shares her love of reading with her students.

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