Mrs. Meredith Barth

Mrs. Barth is our kindergarten science teacher and K-4 PE teacher.
Why do you teach?
I teach because I love kids. Teachers are more than just educators. They are mentors and friends. I enjoy finding ways for students to reach beyond their own expectations and give them confidence to achieve things not only in the classroom, but in other areas of their lives. Seeing them have that “a-ha” moment is priceless and so rewarding.

What do you want your students to get from having known you?

I want my students to learn what it means to work hard and be able to communicate well with others. Being involved in sports is not always easy, whether it’s friendly competition or extremely competitive in nature. Learning to always give your best effort and practice hard is key. If you’re playing a team sport or competing as an individual, communication is vital. Knowing how to talk to your teammates and coaches and be able to listen to feedback makes you a better player and person.

What is the most important life lesson that you want your students to take from your class?

When students leave my class, I want them to know what it means to be KIND to one another and have EMPATHY. I try to model these two things every day in class. I want all my students to feel accepted and good about themselves.

What do you like to do for fun?

I enjoy playing tennis, working out, traveling, and spending time with my family. I cherish every moment that we spend together and look forward to making new memories.
    • "Teachers are more than just educators. They are mentors and friends."

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