Mrs. Lauren Shaddrix

Mrs. Shaddrix has been teaching for 22 years, all of which have been at Mason Prep. She served as the lower school French teacher and the media center assistant for two years before becoming a fourth grade teacher.
Why do you teach?
I teach because I love it!  I teach because I love children and seeing the look on their face when something finally "clicks". I teach because it is so rewarding to see a child grow socially and intellectually. I so enjoy getting to know these little individuals and appreciate what they add to my life!

Why do you teach at Mason Prep?
I teach at Mason Prep because it is like a second home to me. As a child, I thoroughly enjoyed attending Mason Prep! I felt loved by each and every teacher, and I received an excellent education that allowed me to advance on to high school and then to college with ease. I teach at Mason Prep because of those reasons and more. The close family environment, involved parents, hard-working co-workers and administrators, and wonderful children all have me looking forward to going to work each morning.

What do you want your students to get from having known you?
From having known me, I hope that each child realizes how important they are as individuals and that each of them is an important part of the whole. I also want them to learn to appreciate others' differences and to develop a love of learning.

What is the most important life lesson that you want your students to take from your subject area or grade level?
The most important life lesson that I want my students to take from being in my class comes from something my father used to say me each morning before school. He would simply say, "Make it count." What he was saying was to make your day count. Making your day count means to do your very best in everything you do: your work, how you treat others, how you treat yourself. From having me as a teacher, I want my children to take a sense of responsibility and hard work in everything they do each day.

What do you like to do for fun?
I love being outside, especially in the summer! I love running, gardening, and spending time with my family on my parents' property in Beaufort.

Any interesting facts about yourself?
I love wildlife. For the past four years, I have had three different opossums as pets. These are opossums that Keeper of the Wild has found and that have been rehabbed by them. They are non-releasable and need homes, so my family and I have enjoyed having each of them as pets! They are quite interesting creatures!
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