Ms. Kelley Friedman

Ms. Friedman teaches third grade and works to instill confidence in her students.
Ms. Friedman makes sure her students feel supported in her classroom, saying "We are FOR each other in my class. We celebrate each other and how we each contribute!"

Why do you teach?
It is a very gratifying job! Strangely enough, at the end of the day, I like how exhausted I am because I know I have given my students 100% of my efforts. I love that they teach me something new every day. Adults can learn a lot from kids when we hold space for them and truly take the time to listen.

Why do you teach at Mason Prep?
I teach at Mason Prep because of the community/family vibe of the school. I could feel it the instant I toured the school (as a parent) looking for a school for my son. Little did I know that I would soon be lucky enough to be employed here and it would become a special part of my family's lives. 

What do you want your students to get from having known you?
I want my students to know how ok it is to make mistakes. We had a long talk in my class about the opportunities we can gain by learning from our mistakes. I want them to remember me as a teacher that worked with them through their mistakes and showed them how to learn from them. I hope they learn from me how to be kind to themselves and graceful with themselves. I really see them blossom when they practice this.

What is the most important life lesson that you want your students to take from your subject area or grade level?
Something I believe strongly in is building the confidence in ALL my students. I am always talking to them about the unique talents that they each have. We all have something to bring to the table in 3F. We are the "3F Fan Club." We are FOR each other in my class. We celebrate each other and how we each contribute!

What do you like to do for fun?
I think most people in the Mason Prep community know how much I love yoga! I have been practicing since the year 2000. I love every style and have gotten my certification in Baptiste power yoga, prenatal yoga, and kid's yoga. I love the mental clarity it brings me, the physical challenges I create for my body, the spirituality, the philosophy behind it, and how it teaches me to use my breath. We do a good bit of it in 3F. It is a great tool for kids to help with challenges they encounter now and in the future.

Any interesting facts about yourself?
I almost moved to NYC to pursue my undergrad degree in fashion merchandising, but at the very last minute, made the move to Charleston not knowing anyone here. I think I will always have a hint of regret for not living in the city when I was young, but I cannot imagine not being able to call Charleston home.
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