Confidence for Life: Mason Prep Graduates are Ready for Success

Head of School Erik Kreutner shares how Mason Prep alumni are prepared with a strong academic foundation for their future in high school and beyond.

I have now participated in 27 graduation ceremonies during my career at Mason Prep. Unfortunately, my parents were “encouraged to find other educational options” for me after my fourth grade year at Miss Mason’s School, so I am not able to include my own graduation on that list. I have participated in our graduations as an eighth grade home room teacher and middle school science teacher; as the computer teacher and technology director; as the middle school director; as assistant headmaster; and now as the Head of School. Last May, I was fortunate to be able to add to that list the opportunity to see our graduation through the perspective of a parent as our daughter Mary Clare brought her Mason Prep career to a close. Our graduation ceremony is a traditional and touching celebration of our eighth graders as they prepare to move on from “the school of their youth”, in the words of our Alma Mater.


Building the Foundations for Academic Success

I have known for years about how well-prepared for the future our graduates are. I have spoken with our high school-aged alumni as they come back to visit our school and have heard them speak about how easy their English classes were as they re-read novels they covered in our seventh or eighth grade classes. Conversations with our graduates who were home from college revealed that some of their university classmates have yet to learn research, writing, and editing skills that our alumni learned at Mason Prep.

It is always especially enriching to meet alumni who have just graduated from college, law school, or medical school and still want to come back to Mason Prep and visit teachers who inspired them in middle school or even in first grade. Engineers, entrepreneurs, web designers, Constitutional scholars, dentists, chefs, and teachers have all been proud participants in a Mason Prep education, and all of us at Mason Prep are equally proud to have played a part in creating their foundations for success.

Gaining Life Skills

Last year, as Mary Clare reached the end of her journey through Mason Prep, my wife Katie and I marveled at all that she and her classmates had learned along the way. As Mary Clare visited high schools and we attended open houses and our High School Fair with her, the value of an education at Mason Prep became ever more apparent. Regardless of the high school destination in which one of our graduates enrolls, he or she is prepared to find success. Our graduates leave Mason Prep with an incredibly solid academic foundation. It is important to realize that this foundation does not consist solely of a body of content that has been covered in our various subjects.

Mason Prep graduates leave our school knowing how to:

● research
● write
● speak
● collaborate
● manage time
● study

Those skills are not necessary only for success in high school; they also lead to positive outcomes in college and in life as an adult.

The foundation for success that is built at Mason Prep also includes our core values. These values permeate all aspects of life at our school:

● respect
● responsibility
● accountability
● integrity

A Valuable Investment

I remember graduating from the eighth grade at another local institution and heading off to high school. For me, that was not a time filled with confidence. I nervously entered high school, not sure how I would measure up or fit in. Of course, that is natural for any teenager, but I see something different in Mary Clare and her classmates, as I do with our graduates every year. We have heard from many local high schools that they direct their struggling students to look for Mason Prep alumni for study help and for peer tutoring, knowing how well-prepared they are. Our graduates become student leaders and even student body presidents. Our graduates leave our school for high school thinking, “I’ve got this.” Seeing this as a teacher and an administrator was impressive, but knowing this as a parent makes the investment in a Mason Prep education worth every penny.

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