Second Graders and Well Wishes

Second graders brighten the day of an important member of our school family.
The second grade wanted to make sure that Mrs. Duffy, our school nurse, knew that she was missed when she was away from school for surgery. They felt it was important for Nurse Duffy, who always takes care of everyone else, to feel taken care of while she recovered. Students made cards and a video to brighten her day. The video shows the entire class wishing her well with students waving and saying, “We miss you, we love you, we can’t wait to see you soon!” Said Nurse Duffy of this special showing of kindness, “The video the entire second grade sent me touched me deeply along with the cards they made. I will cherish it forever. Mason Prep is family to me, to all of us. We take care of each other. And it doesn’t get any better than that!”
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