Staying at home & making a difference

Our Knights may have been at home this spring, but they were still thinking of others and making a difference!

Angus (entering our kindergarten next year!): He wrote two songs for his future kindergarten teachers. He sent a video of the songs to them, and it brightened their day!

Leah (6th), Ryan (1st), and Teddy (entering our kindergarten next year!):
To raise money for the Lowcountry Food Bank, they are making designs with Perler beads and selling them to family and friends. These students are wonderful examples for all of our Knights as they look for ways to help and care for others during these trying times.

Barker in Kindergarten: Barker and her dad are baking loaves of bread and delivering them to the homeless. They try to deliver two loaves a day and Barker decorates the bags they use for the bread. They even have an Instagram handle: @barkersbread. Read more here.

Garrett in 5th grade: Garrett demonstrated kindness and thoughtfulness by raising money to buy meals for the cleaning crew at East Cooper Medical Center. He heard that these important people had not been recognized for their hard work and he wanted to make sure they felt supported and thanked by our community. Read more here.

Leah in 6th grade: In a reading Zoom session, Leah led an extremely helpful lesson to teach her classmates how to take screen shots and upload them into Google Classroom. Leah was professional and knowledgeable while teaching her lesson. Her classmates and her teacher appreciated her kind and helpful attitude.

Isabella in 4th grade and Iris in 6th grade:
These sisters delivered homemade friendship bread to Nurse Duffy to let her know they were thinking about her.

Mrs. Thomas and Michael in Kindergarten:
Michael has done a great job completing his chores and schoolwork and keeping his little sister occupied so that Mrs. Thomas can work individually with so many of our students.

Cole in second grade:
Cole and his brother recently spoke to an elderly relative in Maryland who is in an assisted living facility. She is there all by herself and can have no visitors and she said that the entire community is very lonely and in low spirits. Cole's family came up with the idea of making uplifting cards to send to them. So each day during “art” the boys have been making cards to send.

Thomas in 3rd grade:
Knowing there would be no Easter egg hunts this year, he painted rocks with bright colors (to look a bit like Easter eggs) and hid them all around his neighborhood for people to find. They could pick them up or move them or just leave them for someone else to find. He is now painting rocks with Spring designs since it was such a hit!

Mrs. Rawl: She has stepped into Mrs. Kalshoven’s shoes ans done a wonderful job with the videos, zoom lessons, and communication with parents.

Caleb in first grade:
Caleb and his brother created a mobile shelter for a homeless woman that lives near their dad's office. This was such a thoughtful gesture and a great way to keep occupied these days by helping others.

Jackson in 5th grade:
Jackson has been working with Mrs. Mistler to help figure out how to use some confusing Google Classroom components that were needed for a media center project. He showed how well he could follow written directions and he didn't give up!

Ms. Quattrone & Mrs. Lewis, from their students: 
"They do lunch (zoom) calls even when it was spring break. They use their free time and spend it with us. We miss you Miss Quattrone and Miss Lewis. Have a great day and we hope to see you soon!"

Cason and Bennett in 2nd and 3rd grades: 
For the last few weeks they have both been sending 3 notes per week to home bound and /or elderly church members. These cards are decorated, filled with happy pictures, inspiring messages, and are mailed each week to bring a little brightness to the recipients.

Eden in 4th grade: 
Her neighbor is dying of terminal cancer. The neighbor's whole family is quarantined and Eden is making sachets with lavender for her neighbor and her neighbor's family with her new sewing machine.

Ms. Gannon: 
She has gone WAY OVER AND BEYOND helping all of us get set up for virtual learning. She has been SO helpful with all of us, sharing her vast level of knowledge, and bent over backwards trying to get us all "up and running!"

Mr. Kreutner:
He is an exceptional role model and has been tireless supporting our students. He has shown exceptional leadership and support of the Mason Prep students.
More to come!
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