Thank You from the PTO!

Mason Prep is fortunate to have a very active and dedicated group of parents who make up our PTO Board. These volunteer parents work hard all year long to provide services to Mason Prep families.

Thank you to our Executive Board Members:
Treasurer, Nora Dantzler
Assistant Treasurer, Mary Plunkett
Secretary, Vicki Small
Goals and Evaluation, Cindy Klump

Thank you to our Board Members:
School Supplies Committee - Jackie Schar and Jenn Moxley
Lunch Committee - Laura Bates and Laura Rembert
New Families Committee - Tammy Bryan and Jodie Cochran
Volunteer Packet Committee - Katrina Dempsey and Denise Runza
Hospitality Committee - Ann Brown and Caroline Stafford
Beautification Committee - Laura Gianoukos
Neighborhood Relations - Kathleen Duffy
Ice Cream Truck Committee - Jordana Snider
PTO News/Knightly News Committee - Jeff Popper
Used Uniforms Committee - Clarissa McKenzie
Student Directory committee - Julie Scarafile
Fundraising - Brooke Ash and Jessie Rodwell
Reward Programs - Kim Steele
Lost & Found - Amanda Ayers and Paige Stowell
Homeroom Coordinator - Tami Enright
New Uniforms - Amy Skipper
Teachers Lounge - Shelley Hochman
Family Fun Night Committee - Amie Waldeck and Traci Finley
Restaurant Nights - Amy Foxhall
Grandparents' Day - Barkley Glendenning and Mary Plunkett
Knights KNOW Week - Jackie Laro
Teacher Appreciation Week - Wynne Thomas
Talent Show - Vicki Small

A special thank you to Paige Stowell, Laura Gianoukos, Jackie Laro, Shelley Hochman, and Martha Graves for all of their wisdom, counseling, and many years of service to us and the PTO. We will miss you on the Board next year!

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