City Council

The concept of Mason Prep's City Council was developed by our first Headmistress, Harriet Mason, and the founder of the school, Nancy Hawk, both of whom believed in actively serving one's community. Our City Council is modeled after a city government and is led by a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem along with a Secretary, a Health and Environmental Engineer, and a Safety Director. In addition, each homeroom votes for two student delegates who communicate projects undertaken by the City Council to the rest of the student body.

Rising eighth graders may run for Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem, rising seventh graders may run for Secretary, and rising sixth graders may run for the positions of Health and Environmental Engineer and Safety Director. During Election Week, candidates give campaign speeches at a school assembly and the entire school votes on actual voting machines for the five offices.

Under the City Council's leadership, our school supports a variety of local, national and global organizations. These activities engage all students in service to our community and give members of City Council experience in leadership roles:

  • participating in the Lowcountry Buddy Walk, benefitting the Down Syndrome Association of the Lowcountry
  • collecting pop tabs for the Ronald McDonald House
  • holding a blood drive to support the Red Cross
  • taking charge of the school's recycling program twice per month
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