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Welcome to Mason Prep’s website! As you peruse our site, I think you will get a good feel for what makes Mason Prep such a special place. I have had the pleasure of experiencing our school as a student, a parent, a teacher, an administrator, and now as the Head of School, and each of these perspectives has given me even more appreciation of how well Mason Prep fulfills its mission.

A visit to our school will show you what sets Mason Prep apart. You will see happy, engaged students learning from exceptional teachers who have a passion for their profession and a love for their students. You will see a right-sized environment - small enough that children are known and loved as individuals by a nurturing faculty, but large enough that they are exposed to a variety of educational opportunities that may not be available in a smaller school. You will feel welcomed from the moment you enter our school – by our students, our teachers, and our staff. Mason Prep’s emphasis on respect, integrity, and personal responsibility creates a unique atmosphere within our school that permeates everything that we do. This atmosphere allows each child to thrive while working toward his or her unique potential rather than toward externally imposed expectations.

I am frequently asked why Mason Prep does not have a high school. I believe that a K-8 school offers distinct advantages for our students and their families. Our middle school students experience leadership opportunities that might not be available to them at a K-12 school. Our students are sheltered from potentially negative influences of high school life. Team sports, while an important part of the Mason Prep experience, are not permitted to drive our decision-making. Finally, countless Mason Prep alumni and their parents have told us how much easier they found the adjustment to college after making a similar transition from middle to high school. That transition is aided by the exceptional academic preparation that our students receive along the way.

It is a very exciting time to be at Mason Prep, and I encourage you and your child to become a part of it!

Erik Kreutner

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