Confidence Building: Speaking to Adults

We are back at school, which means back to reading, writing, math, science, etc. And at Mason Prep, it also means back to building character. Our first-day assembly was a chance to give all of our students a reminder about showing character and citizenship by speaking confidently to adults.

Here are some things students can practice each day as they encounter adults – at practices, at a restaurant, at the doctor’s office – opportunities are everywhere!
• saying "thank you" whenever it's appropriate to do so;
• speaking when they are spoken to;
• looking at or turning toward the speaker before responding;
• proactively greeting other children and adults when walking by;
• using "sir" and "ma'am" when speaking to adults.

With younger students, parents can help their child feel confident in speaking for themselves. How? When an adult speaks to your child or asks your child a question, give your child the chance to reply. If your child doesn't answer as you had hoped or doesn't reply at all, it's OK - talk about it later and have your child practice an appropriate response.
The confidence that develops in children when their parents encourage them to speak for themselves is an incredibly valuable gift.

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