How to Make the Most of Your Open House Visit

In November, admissions season moves into high gear at independent schools like Mason Prep. Many schools offer Open Houses, where families can visit and learn more about the schools in which they are interested. As a school, we enjoy this opportunity to meet parents and to learn more about their children. 

As a parent visiting a school for an Open House, what should you look for? What questions should you ask? Here are some recommendations (Download your checklist here):

  • What is the curriculum like? Open Houses are an opportunity to discover more about the academics and special area classes that a school has to offer.
  • What is the typical class size?
  • Are there breaks in the school day? What is the availability of recess and other chances for students to get some fresh air?
  • How much time do students spend on homework each night?
  • What role does technology play at the school? Is there a 1:1 program of laptops, iPads, or other tablets?
  • What are the lunch options? Is lunch provided by the school or delivered by vendors? Can students bring their own lunches?
  • What can students do after school? Is there a program of optional after-school activities? Is extended care available, and for how long?
  • What team sports are sponsored by the school and at what grade levels?
  • What support systems are in place should a child begin to struggle at school, either academically or socially?
  • Where do most students attend school at the next level? (High school or college, depending on the grade range of the school)
  • Is financial assistance available for families who may need help with the costs of attendance? What is the application process like for financial assistance?
  • For students entering in upper elementary or middle grades, what skills are important that may not have been emphasized at their previous school?

In addition to asking the questions that are important to you, use an Open House as a chance to experience the climate or “feel” of a school. Open Houses can give you insight into intangible aspects of a school, such as:

  • Is there a welcoming feel to the school? How are parents and children received there?
  • What are the interactions like between students? Between adults?
  • Does the school seem to be student-centered or adult-centered?
  • What is important to the school? A great deal can be learned at any school’s Open House – be sure to ask the questions that matter to you and your family!



Can't make the Open House? We would love to give you a tour of our campus.

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